Congratulations, you made it through 2020!

Congratulations, you made it through 2020! So after making it through 2020, there’s no reason to torture yourself with unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. Instead, the start of 2021 is a good time to go easy on yourself and make sane, actionable changes. It’s amazing what a few small fixes can do to improve your body, mind and life.

Wake up and move.

Forget that punishing fitness routine. According to a personal fitness trainer I know, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to move your body after getting out of bed.

After waking up, you have to stretch your muscles before going to work. You might try airing out the overnight kinks by bending your hips to the right as far as you can, then repeat over to the left. Then, to rev up your lower body, do 20 slow, gentle squats. Strengthen your core by doing 10 sit-ups and 10 pushups (either modified or classic style) and end with a feel-good yoga pose such as downward dog and a few deep breaths.

Set limits while working from home.

Thanks to the pandemic, the boundaries between work and home have officially been broken. And it looks like it will stay this way for the foreseeable future, which is all the more reason to make subtle improvements. A good start is by finding ways to define when work starts and when it ends.

Create a symbolic commute.

Make an effort to step away from your home workspace. This could be a walk down the hallway in your apartment building or walking around the block in the morning or at lunch before starting or returning to your workspace.

Hide your devices

We get so many emails. You think, I will just check my emails and 30 minutes later you are still going through them. They take time and they are intrusive. You are not giving yourself a break if you go through your emails. Put your devices down at the end of the day, or take it a step further and set them in a drawer and close it!

Don’t let work consume you.

While we’re socially distancing it’s easy to let work take over, especially if you have few hobbies or things that occupy your time. Instead of thinking you have nothing going on so I can do a little extra work, make time for yourself. Close your eyes, listen to music and give yourself down time to be able to mentally recover.

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