Girl Gang

This week I posted a new tee design that says Girl Gang. The description I posted was those fearless ladies who exude self-confidence and help build their fellow sistas up, not tear them down.

This got me to thinking about some times in my life where having a girl gang would have been nice. Those dark days at work or stressful family situations when having someone to help you see the bright side of life is what we NEED. To be able to get together and have memorable days or trips. Or just someone to have a glass of wine and wind down with. Having a group of girls you can count on to keep things you talk about only between yourselves. That is what we girl all long for. Having friends or even just one friend who is there for you. Someone you can talk to about life and know they are not going to gossip about it. Someone you can go out and have fun with and not worry about anything, just have fun.

Now I could turn the tables here and talk about those who gossip or have rival girl gangs, because they do exist. But instead, lets focus this week on looking and finding a group of girls that will help you be stronger. A friend you can count on. And be aware that there are fellow sistas out there who are looking for that bond. Invite them into your gang. That new girl in town or new employee is usually the target of gossip. So get to know her. She is looking for that companionship. Let's do what girl gangs do, help build up their fellow sistas! #girlgang #friendship #sistas #friendship #fashionblog #boutique #boutiquefashion #womensclothing

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