Things You Should Toss from Your Closet This Year

We've all been there: You open up your closet to pick out something to wear for the day, and immediately feel like it's overflowing with clothes that don't fit or that you just don't want anymore. They say the solution is simple, just get rid of them. But giving away your stuff can be hard for most of us. Some things come with an emotional attachment that makes them difficult to ditch, but they're likely better off in that donation pile than hanging around. As the New Year starts, I tend to try and get rid of clutter, and my closet is full of clutter. Here are some clothing items I intend to clean out of my closet!

1. The "designer piece" you don't love anymore. It may be cliché, but the old adage "money can't buy happiness" is as true in your closet as it is in every other aspect of your life. You may have splurged on a designer piece years ago, but if, years later, it no longer fits, it's gone out of fashion, or it's just not in your style wheelhouse anymore, then there's no point hanging on to it. Just because you spent more money than you should have on it doesn't necessarily mean you should keep it.

2. The ole "good luck" t-shirt that we hang on to forever. So many of us end up keeping that t-shirt we were wearing when something momentous happened. But just because you happened to be sporting it when your favorite team won the Super Bowl or when you got your dream job offer doesn't mean your "lucky" piece of clothing will last forever. If it's seen better days, ditch it and replace it with a more stylish t-shirt. Then, go out and look for ways to make your own luck!

3. Those "I'll fit into them again one day" jeans that we all have!! There may be a select few people who will see an old pair of old jeans in their closet and become determined to get back into shape so they can wear them again. But why torture yourself! Donate anything in your closet that no longer fits, and replace those items with clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident with the body you have now.

4. Style is cyclical, so sometimes an old outdated piece that you've had forever and was once a staple can fall out of fashion, then come back around. But those cycles tend to take decades, not years, and few of us have the luxury of entire dressing rooms or storage spaces that can hold all of our old items in the hopes that they'll make a comeback. Stick to this rule: If it's been two years since you've worn any given item of clothing, send it to the nearest Goodwill.

5. And finally, get rid of anything that's stained! That shirt may have been perfect before you chomped into that burger, but once the ketchup dripped down onto your chest, it was toast. If you've exhausted all the home stain-removal remedies, and your dry cleaner did their best to no avail, it's time to face facts. Don't bother trying to convince yourself that "it's not that noticeable"—even if you're right, constantly thinking about it will make you self-conscious every time you wear the stained item. You're better off just getting rid of it.


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Lorrie Mitchell